1. Your organization has been set up with a custom website link to access PLAYBuilder. This is where you will log in. Your supervisor will have this link available for you.
  2. You will need to create a username and password. Speak with your supervisor and have them email the PLAYBuilder admin to have one assigned; or you can create one yourself on the main website page.
  3. Creating a Username / Login
    • Go to site
    • Sign up for account
      1. Fill out information
      2. Choose site location corresponding to the area you work in
        1. E.g Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre uses Peninsula
        2. If you do not know your site, select your organization
      3. An email will be sent to our Admin and your approval will be processed
    • Logging in
      1. Once you have your username/password, simply log in
      2. You will be directed to your organization’s dashboard